Soul Searching - Bazzi

Soul Searching


  • Жанр: Pop
  • Дата Релиза: 2019-08-09
  • Дополнительно: explicit
  • Страна: USA
  • Номер Трека: 11

  • ℗ 2019 iamcosmic/Atlantic Recording Corporation


Название Исполнитель Продолжительность
Humble Beginnings Bazzi 3:04 USD 1.29
Soul Searching Bazzi 2:28 USD 1.29
No Way! Bazzi 1:52 USD 1.29
Fallin (feat. 6LACK) Bazzi 2:30 USD 1.29
Can We Go Back to Bed? Bazzi 2:57 USD 1.29
Live Forever Bazzi 2:32 USD 1.29
I.F.L.Y. Bazzi 2:45 USD 1.29
Focus (feat. 21 Savage) Bazzi 2:35 USD 1.29
Paradise Bazzi 2:49 USD 1.29
Conversations with Myself Bazzi 1:59 USD 1.29
Who Am I? Bazzi 2:51 USD 1.29


  • Worse than Rosie O’Donnell farting on a snare drum

    От annoyed by covers
    Puke city, this is garbage.
  • One of my new favorite artists

    От Justins47986
    Love this guys style , cannot stop replaying this and cosmic
  • I love bazzi

    От Galinagirl
    I personally love him! Been listening to this album on repeat for days.
  • Humble

    От Baddiebanks
    I love this album listen to it a few times a day 🥰
  • Beautiful

    От kevenimg
    I really enjoyed this album by bazzi, I love the connection between his songs and him, each song represents something that he’s been through, and the amount of work he puts into it, the music is just amazing, I really enjoyed this masterpiece.
  • Soul searching

    От Cececutie3
    Favorite album to jam to with my friends
  • This mixtape is the best!

    От ItzAMeJay
    It shows his growth as an artist. And to clear this up for some people, this isn’t his second album. This is his debut mixtape. His debut album was “COSMIC”.
  • hmm

    От flwr child
    I have been a fan of Bazzi for over a year, and I like most of his music, but this just didn’t do it for me. I did like a few of his songs such as Soul Searching, I.F.L.Y, and Paradise, but other then that I was left unimpressed. I was absolutely in love with every song that was on Cosmic, but this didn’t impress me. Also, I wish Bazzi would leave some clean songs on his album. I do not think it is right that he swears so much on some of his songs. I was happy to see that he released a clean version of his E.P, but I still wish he would keep his profanity at a minimum. This would make it much easier for younger fans to listen to his music. I will continue to listen to Bazzi, but I have to say that this album did not impress me like I thought it would.
  • Not impressed

    От mngrm
    I'm not impressed by this album. It's your typical sophomore album, where we find that the artist, after having made a significant impact with their first album, gets too complacent. Bazzi did just that; the tunes of this album are boring, predictable, and to be quite frank, monotone. The "I made it, I'm famous" theme is quite ordinary. There is no "Mine" moment on this album. None of the songs stuck out to me; I was not wowed. Maybe this is because after Cosmic, my expectations for Bazzi were quite high, as they should be. How can you follow up to the greatness of Cosmic? Well, this certainly is not the way to do so. Charitably, two stars. You can do better, Bazzi.
  • He’s hurt😞 I love you bazzi

    От davetta haywood 11
    You’re amazing

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